MuL-10® Reel


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MuL name (pronounced 'mule').

Prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise This spincast reel is full of features you’d usually pay much more to own:

• A chambered mainframe for maximum rigidity and strength.
• Polished stainless steel front and rear hoods for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.
• Saltwater-rated.
• Powerful cast and machined all-metal drive gears.
• Right/Left convertible handle.
• Oversized aluminum spool.
• Automotive disc brake system for maximum strength, smoothest action and widest adjustment range.
• A positive, quick-acting anti-reverse system for consistent, maximum stopping strength.
• The comfort-touch grips keeps your hand in the fight for hour after hour of hard fishing.

       They are used for everything from bow fishing to casting for sunfish with the kids